Welcome to the Omnibasis API! You can use Omnibasis  API to access and implement your own Blockchain application with an intuitive platform and tools that lets you build and be up and running within minutes.

You can access complete API at https://api.omnibasis.com or from your dashboard from your business account at https://<business_name>.on.omnibasis.com

Before you can test drive apis you need to make sure you have login into your dashboard at https://<business_name>.on.omnibasis.com.

Authorizing Omnibasis API explorer

You can authorize and test our APIs with your Omnibasis account. Learn more on how you can test drive APIs. 

You can authorize Omnibasis API explorer with your credentials to make it ease to explore and navigate API. 

For our sample application at https://dolphin.on.omnibasis.com, we use example below to authorize admin.