Consents are used to manage agreements between your business and users of your product or service.

Navigate to omniTrust \ Consent \ Consent Setup to see the list of consents and managed it.

Create consent for the agreement to which you seek users consent. Navigate to omniTrust \ Consent \ Consent Setup and click Create from action menu at the top right corner to create a new consent.

Consent Subject

Navigate to Subject section.

  1. Set  consent Status.
  2. If you want to collect this consent during registration page on your site select Request during registration.
  3. Enter Title for this consent.
  4. Provide more Description, where in details you can explain why you are collecting this consent.
  5. You can use Link to description to override description field and send user to a specific page.
  6. If you plan to send this consent via email, provide Email introduction.

Consent Usage

Navigate to Usage section to setup consent usage. 

  1. Describe what is consent is Used for.
  2. Describe how customer information is shared in Shared with.
  3. Explain to customer how they can delete their personal information in Right to be forgotten.

Consent Length

Navigate to Length section to setup consent validity and contact information. 

  1. Setup a length of consent validity in Days valid.
  2. Enter Contact email that helps customers to contact with questions about this consent.
  3. Configure Expire request days to send auto-renew email to customer.

Consent Reference

Navigate to Reference section to configure consent version, badges and notes. 

omniPass Integration

You can take data privacy mobile. Mobile Wallet powers customer insight and peace of mind. Enable customers to track and view their personal data permissions and preferences on their Mobile Phones for immediate access to change history, plus send push notifications and reminders to maximize peace of mind. Learn more about omniPass integration.

Navigate to omniPass section.

  1. Select Mobile Wallet Pass Design.
  2. Map Mobile Pass Fields.

Blockchain Integration

Navigate to Blockchain section. If you want user consent records to be stored on Blockchain, turn on Blockchain integration.

  1. Turn on Use Blockchain network to verify and store transactions.
  2. Select Blockchain network or use default.
  3. Encrypt data - turn on to encrypt all stored data.
  4. Optionally you can require user to use paraphrase for Blockchain transactions.