Permissions are used to manage user permissions that are given to your business or organization. 

Note: Do not confuse User Permissions Management and App Permissions Management. App Permissions allows you to setup access to user interface and Omnibasis API based on user roles.

Create User Permissions

Create permissions that users can give. Navigate to  'omniTrust \ Permission \ Permission setup'  and click 'Create new permission'.

Collect User Permission at registration

You can ask user permissions at the time of registration to your site. 

When you collect user permission, you need to capture the evidence as proof that the user did indeed give permission.  

Omnibasis handles it for you if you are using Omnibasis UI to authenticate and register your users. You can also send a permission request to an individual with email that will ask the individual for their permission. The e-mails and permission page will contain your logo (if you upload it).

Navigate to  'omniTrust \ Permission \ Permission setup', select permission you want to edit and turn on Request permission during registration

Managing Permissions

Collect user permissions inside your application or with Omnibasis user interface. You can also request permission via email. 

User self-managing permissions

User can access your business permissions using Omnibasis user interface under 'My Account \ My Data Privacy \ My Permissions'