You can easily import user by uploading a file. We provide you with templates that are attached. 

Note: make sure your role has Import rights under omniCustomers \ Users \ Import from File. You can check your role under 'omniCustomers \ Roles' in App Permissions section.

See attachment for a sample User Import file. Download the Excel file or the text file and open it in your favorite editing program that can edit tab delimited files.

You can use import user defaults as in the picture below or override it for each user inside import file.

Once your file is imported, Omnibasis returns you a file with a first column that has results of the import. If import for a specific user failed, it will tell the reason why.

Important FIelds to Consider

When you upload user file, you can communicate to use a new login information via email or SMS.

  • Set EmailConfirm to true, to confirm that user email is valid
  • Set SendActivationEmail to true to send activation email
  • Set SendActivationSMS to true to send activation SMS

Note: if noticed to many bounced emails for your imports, it will lead to a notice that your email sending privileges might be suspended.

If you have any custom fields, you can use custom fields key as a column name. For example, use job-title to import customer job title.