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Businesses use omniChain to build and run Blockchain applications across multiple industries and connected devices.

Accelerate your business performance and power the Smart Economy with omniChain

omniChain is Omnibasis's Blockchain as a service (BaaS) that enables businesses and professionals, large and small, to launch a full featured Blockchain application. Using omniChain, we enable businesses with the intuitive technology and tools to deploy a cloud-based Blockchain application with rich feature sets that includes assets definition and management, smart contracts and transactions management, and shared data ledger without the costs and challenges associated with building and maintaining their own infrastructure.

Intuitive Tools

Simple to use tools to define your blockchain assets and smart contracts rules get you up and running in minutes.

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Distributed Ledger

At the heart of a blockchain network is a distributed ledger that records all the transactions that take place on the network. omniChain supports a number of Blockchain databases. Use hosted Blockchain or connect to your own.

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Design your own private network with custom assets, transactions, permissions and transparency.

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Transaction Consensus

Transactions are written to the ledger in the order in which they occur with consensus reached using the Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) algorithm

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Greater Transparency

All network participants share the same transaction history as opposed to individual copies.

Enhanced Security

Transactions must be agreed upon before they are recorded by all participants and cannot be modified.

Improved Traceability

All assets exchanges are recorded on the blockchain thus generating an audit trail where an asset came from and every stop it made on its journey.

Increased Efficiency and Speed

Record-keeping is performed using a single digital ledger that is shared among participants.

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