Omnibasis enables consumers to control the flow of personal data they share with businesses. Consumers benefit by engaging with the businesses they want to interact with, on their own terms and only with the businesses that obtained their consent, received permissions and respecting their preferences, for example only to inform them about new product offerings and special pricing promotions once per month.

We provide consumers with the tools necessary to organize and manage their preferences, consent and permissions (PCP) across multiple businesses and connected devices with special focus on the consumer personal privacy and right to:

  • Control who has access to consumer personal data and why;
  • Define specific details consumer wants to share and with whom;
  • Correct errors in consumer personal data;
  • Erase and prevent usage of consumer personal data;
  • Export consumer personal data;
  • Get rewarded by businesses for consumer attention.

There is no cost to join Omnibasis Circle of Trust. With your FREE account, you can protect your data privacy, manage preferences and consents across businesses and devices. All in one place.  

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