Branding is the face of your business. It leaves a first impression and has the power to even alter your customer's buying decision.

Your brand can be imprinted in your customer's mind that the moment they hear of your business, they won't be able to help from envisioning your logo and theme. Hence it's safe to say that your branding can make or break your business.

Omnibasis is going above and beyond to help you achieve your branding goals for your customers.

With Omnibasis, you can upload your brand's logo, icon and color theme in all your customer interactions. The changes made can be updated at any point in time and the update will reflect immediately.

Setup Global Brand Identities

Setting up your Branding elements in Omnibasis is easy. Learn more about all Branding and Site Layout features.

Log in to your Omnibasis site and navigate to omniSite \ Appearance

Click Choose File to upload a logo or file that can fully customize your site appearance.

Setup Site Layout

Omnibasis offers a number of default themes for your site layout. You can change your default site layout by going to omniSite \ Site Layout. 

Note: you can separately manage site layout and dashboard layout. Learn how to manage Dashboard Layout

Your site layout is your default layout when user visits your application on Omnibasis. By default, users can change user their preferred layout under My Account \ Visual Settings. You can disable that by changing app permissions under omniCustomers \ Roles for the default User role.