There are two simple ways of integrating with Omnibasis. You can choose the one that works best for you or use both:

  • White label website hosted by Omnibasis. Visit omniSite help on how to configure your website. 
  • Omnibasis API integration. Visit Omnibasis API help to get started.

White Label

This requires nil development effort, and you don't have to worry about purchasing SSL certificates, hosting the website, and any other security compliance like PCI compliance.

Here's a business scenario where integrating via Omnibasis's white label hosted site would be the best bet:

Kari runs an online and physical swimwear stores with a wide selection of swimwear and beachwear. They online and offline customers, use loyalty to reward purchases, accept electronic payments, but don't have the time and resources to develop their own web site and all the technology to support their business. Also, they do not want to worry about data security and PCI compliance.

The simplest way for Kari to start about integrating with Omnibasis is by using our ready-to-use site builder with omniSite and integrate other solutions line omniLoyalty, omniTrust and omniPayments. Learn more.

Omnibasis API Integration

With our RESTful API , Omnibasis can be integrated with your application or website.

Here's an example where a complete API integration would be the best option:

Denis runs a SaaS business, where he offers his customers an advertisement management software tool for a monthly fee. He wants to provide his own user interface for customers. He is willing to take up developmental efforts to fully own his sign-up, billing, and Blockchain verification pages if it would optimize user experience. He can also take care of application security and PCI compliance.

Denis could achieve this by going in for a complete API  integration, which would give him the required flexibility to create the application workflow as per his business requirements.

If you'd like us to help you pick the right integration for your business, send an email at