You can create assets on omniChain in a number of ways:

  1. Using admin interface.
  2. Using omniSite custom page.
  3. Using Omnibasis API.

Create Asset with Admin Interface

Navigate to omniChain \ Assets.

  1.  Select your asset definition from the top left corner. 
  2. Click Submit to create new asset.

Submit Asset

Fill in all the fields required and known and click Submit

You can choose to assign the owner for this asset and choose security key that will be used to secure future asset transactions.

Transaction Record

Once the asset is submitted and recorded on the blockchain, you will get the blockchain transaction confirmation.

Create Asset Workflow

Depending on the workflow you setup, you will be presented with a confirmation message or redirected to the next page. If you did not setup any workflows, you will not see any more dialogs. You can simply click Refresh to submit another asset or click Back to return to the list of assets.