Pick a great name and setup your web site details

Configure your site details and user sign up process. With omniTrust solution you can collect and manage consent and customer permissions in minutes.

Customize it in line with your brand

Setup your website colors, backgrounds, fonts and logos that reflect your brand identity.

Proofread all your text

Spend that extra time and double, no, triple check your content. Start by proofreading all of your text that you’ve added to your website. If you had the time to write it, you have the time to edit it so make sure you don’t miss this step.

Test out all the links

Whether it’s a menu navigation, subscriber form, or a custom form you’ve embedded on your website, you’ll certainly want to make sure that it’s working properly.

Checkoff page SEO settings

Fill in your keywords and page descriptions. These settings are applicable to every page on your website, so make sure this is filled out for every single one of your stunning pages.