Pick a great name and setup your Loyalty Program details

Get people excited about your customer loyalty program with a great name.

Define a clear value for consumer

Setup loyalty levels and rewards that closely link to your customer interests. Describe in all the details “why” behind your loyalty program to make it as compelling as possible.

Reward a great variety of customer actions

omniLoyalty provides you with a great variety of earning rules and options. Rewards may not only be earned for purchases but also for a great variety of other customer actions.

Offer a number of different rewards

Provide a great variety of redeeming rewards. omniLoyalty offers both currency or point based reward system. You can make your rewards valuable in many different ways.

Make it a game

omniLoyalty lets you turn your reward program into a fun game. Engage the winning spirit of your customers who are interacting with your brand more.

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