Use earning rewards rules to define how users earn points and currency. omniLoyalty supports both points and currency. It is your choice how you want to reward your customers.

  • Earning Rule define ways and conditions for customers to earn points or currency rewards or both.
  • Points can be awarded for a wide range of transaction and customer activities, and the configuration can be set to control the point allotment, balance, and expiration. 
  • You can add point multipliers, eligibility criteria and even exclude certain products or customers.
  • Customers can redeem points toward rewards, based on the condition (points cost) that you establish.

Navigate to omniLoyalty \ Loyalty Setup \ Earning Rules to manage earning rules.  Your default Loyalty Program will be selected for you. If you want to edit a different loyalty program earning rules, select it from the drop down at the top left corner.

  1. Next to the earning rule name select drop down and choose Edit to edit existing rule.
  2. Select Create in action menu to create a new earning rule.

Configure Earning Rule

Navigate to Configure section.

  1. Change the status of the rule, in Status field.
  2. Enter Name of the rule that will be displayed
  3. Provide a brief Description of rule that explains how to award points or currency
  4. You can override a description with a Link to a page.
  5. Select Require approval if you want to approve every time this rule is applied to the loyalty card.
  6. Select Hide from user if you want to hide this rule from the list the user will see under My Account \ My Loyalty \ Earning Rules.
  7. If you want the rule to be limited in time in Start date at and End date at fields specify dates between rule will be active

Manage Earning Rule Types and Conditions

Each rule must specify its type, describing conditions for awarding points or currency. Every rule type has its own required fields (conditions) that must be filled. Once you change rule type, navigate to Conditions to fill in required values.

We offer following standard types:

  1. Custom Event – users could receive points/currency for external actions.
  2. Referral – referred and/or referrer customer receive points/currency for his action.
  3. Event - users could receive points/currency for specified actions.
  4. Spending - user could receive points/currency for order value.
  5. Multiple Reward - user could receive multiple points/currency for product with specified SKU.
  6. Specific Purchase - user could receive given amount of points/currency for specified product.
  7. Permission - user could receive points/currency when his/here omniTrust permissions are used.
  8. Ledger Transaction - user omniLedger account is used to earn points/currency.
  9. Coupon - user could receive points/currency with coupon code, just like coupons.

Navigate to Conditions section to manage detailed conditions for each Rule Type. Depending on a rule type, you can configure different conditions.

Earning Rule Rewards

User Rewards sections to specify specific reward associated with the earning rule.

  1. Select Loyalty Badge that will be awarded with this earning rule.
  2. Select Point amount - number of points that will be added after earning rule has been applied.
  3. Select Currency amount - currency amount that will be added after earning rule has been applied.
  4. Setup Percent - if earning rule is connected to the purchase transaction, percent can be used automatically give back cash. For example, 1% cashback on all purchase. 
  5. Select Currency - required if currency amount is present.

Loyalty Program Levels

You can configure to what levels this rule is associated with. Select Add Loyalty level to add new level or click delete button next to the level to remove it.