Redemption rules for your loyal members. Once your setup redemption rules match them to one or more levels. The rule without the level can be applied at any level.

Users can redeem points\currency toward various rewards, based on the cost in points\currency of each that you establish during reward creation. 

When customer reaches the defined amount of points\currency, points\currency can be spent for a reward. 

During creation you can specify for each reward:

  • How many points\currency customer need to spent to get reward
  • How many times rewards can be used by one user
  • To which customer reward will be visible and ready to use
  • Time boundaries when reward will be active
  • Reward value

For example, a coupon code can be created for a specific loyalty level or for anyone who makes a purchase over a certain amount. To apply the coupon to a purchase, the user can enter the coupon code in your online store, or possibly at the cash register of your offline store.

Navigate to omniLoyalty \ Loyalty setup \ Redemption Rules to manage redemption rules.  Your default Loyalty Program will be selected for you. If you want to edit a different loyalty program earning rules, select it from the drop down at the top left corner.

  1. Next to the redemption rule name select drop down and choose Edit to edit an existing rule.
  2. Select Create from action menu to create a new redemption rule.

Configure Redemption Rule

In Configure section you can setup the following:

  1. Change the status of the rule in Status field.
  2. Enter Name of the rule that will be displayed.
  3. Choose unique Code that can be used quickly redeems the reward at the checkout.
  4. Provide a brief Description of rule that explains how to redeem points or currency.
  5. To override description, enter URL to the content page in Link to description link field, that explains your redemption rule. You can use omniSite pages to provide details explanations if needed.
  6. If you want the rule to be limited in time in Start date at and End date at fields specify dates between rule will be active.
  7. Select Require approval if you want to approve every time this rule is applied to the loyalty card

Configure Redemption Rewards

Navigate to Redemption Rewards section to specify specific reward associated with the redemption rule.

  1. Select Loyalty Badge that will be awarded with this redemption rule.
  2. Enter Currency amount if any, that will be used after redemption rule has been applied.
  3. Select Currency - required if currency amount is present.
  4. Enter Point amount - number of points that will be used after redemption rule has been applied.
  5. Use Quantity to specify a number of rewards available, leave it empty for unlimited.

Ledger Transaction

Navigate to Ledger Transaction section to connect a redemption rule to a customer ledger.

You can use omniLedger integration. Use ledger account to redeem a reward. You need to define the amount and currency that will be used to create ledger transaction increase to the account upon redemption.

Loyalty Program Levels

Navigate to Loyalty Program Levels to bind this redemption rule to a specific level.

Setup levels this earning rule available at. If no levels assigned, earning rule is available across all levels.