Navigate to 'omniCustomers \ Users' to see the list of users.

Next to the User name select drop down and choose 'Edit' or click 'Create new user' to open edit user interface.

  1. Set random password to create a random password for user.
  2. Enter Password to set specific password for user.
  3. Use Labels field to categorize this user
  4. To force user to change their password on next login select Should change password on next login
  5. Set user Active, otherwise user will not be able to login.
  6. To enable user lockout after password failed over and over, set Lockout enabled
  7. To confirm user email address, set Confirm email address, otherwise user will be sent email to confirm their email address.
  8. To confirm user phone number, set Confirm phone number, otherwise user will be sent text message to confirm their phone number.
  9. To send user SMS about activating their account, select Send activation text