You can create new loyalty cards for an existing user or edit an existing card. 

Navigate to 'omniLoyalty \ Loyalty activity\ Loyalty Cards' and select 'Create new loyalty card' button at the top right corner to open loyalty card interface or select 'Edit' from dropdown next to the loyalty card status.the 

In Configure section, you can choose loyalty card user, the program, and the current level. 

Card Owner

Use Card owner section to edit details about the loyalty program name, owner, override card number and setup a password. 

User Card password to require user to enter the password anytime redemption rule is applied that uses loyalty card points or currency.

Card balances

When you create a new card, you can setup initial balances for the loyalty card. It is useful if you have an existing program someplace else and would like to transition to omniLoyalty.

Once the card is created, the only way to affect the balance on the card is using 'omniLoyalty \ Loyalty activity \ Loyalty Transfers'.