There are two ways you can showcase your loyalty program:

  • Using default welcome page for your loyalty program
  • Using custom page with omniSite

Default welcome page

Navigate to 'omniLoyalty \ Loyalty setup \ Loyalty Programs' and select 'View' from the dropdown next to the status of the loyalty program.

You will be redirected to the page which you can share as a link on your website or send in email campaigns. 

Custom page with omniSite

Navigate to 'omniSite \ Site setup \ Navigation' and click 'Add root page' or 'Create new page' to create dedicated page describing your loyalty program.

Under Page Content section describe your loyalty program in details and why user want to join it. Be specific and visual. Do not forget to put the link for the user to sign up.

Note: here is link to a sample page hosted on omniSite

Self Registration Link

To get a link to your loyalty card self registration, navigate to 'omniLoyalty \ Loyalty activity \ Loyalty Cards' and click 'Self registration'.

New page will open, just copy the URL from your browser navigation bar.