Use loyalty transactions to track loyalty rewards and your customer spending. Each transaction can result in the positive or negative impact on the loyalty card balances.

Navigate to 'omniLoyalty \ Loyalty activity \ Loyalty Transactions'  and click 'Create new loyalty transaction'.

In Configure section:

  • Select Loyalty card that you want to associate with this transaction.
  • You can assign Transaction id, if none defined, it will be generated.
  • Optional Transaction date, if none defined, the current date will be used.

Transaction Amounts

In Amounts section you can configure various amount details of the transaction:

  • Choose Earning rule if any to apply with this transaction to reward user with points/currency
  • Choose Reward if any to apply with this transaction to redeem rewards with this transaction.
  • Enter Transaction Amount if any.
  • You can calculate percent earnings by entering percent in Apply Percent and clicking calculator button.
  • Override Currency spent or Points spent if transaction involves using user loyalty card balances and you want to decrease the loyalty card points/currency amounts.

Transaction Details

Use Details section to fill in details of the transaction that you want to associate.