Use loyalty transfers to reward customers or redeem rewards, thus impacting the loyalty card balances. 

Note: If you want to associate loyalty transfer with a user transaction, please use Loyalty Transactions to affect loyalty card balances. 

Navigate to 'omniLoyalty \ Loyalty activity \ Loyalty Transfers'  and click 'Create new loyalty transfer'.

In Configure section:

  • Select Transfer type. Where Withdraw decreases loyalty card balances and Deposit increase loyalty card balances.
  • Select Loyalty card that you want to associate with this transaction.
  • Optional, if transfer type is withdraw, select Reward the customer desires, if transfer type is deposit, select Earning rule to apply. 
  • Override Currency amount or Points to affect user loyalty card balances. 
  • Optional Transfer date, if none defined, the current date will be used.

Ledger Transaction

Use Ledger Transaction section to associated loyalty transfer with user ledger accounts. 

If you withdraw from loyalty card balance, then you increase a selected account by the amount specified. If you deposit into loyalty card balance, you decrease a selected account the amount specified.

User needs to have an existing account in order to affect it.

In the case below, $1 will be credit to Greek Bank Account and 100 points will be deducted from the loyalty card.

Converting Points into Currency

From previous section we will credit $1 to the bank account in exchange for 100 points.