Navigate to omniCustomers \ Customers and select Import from actions menu at the top right. Select a file to import.

You can easily import customers by uploading a file. We provide you with templates that are attached.  DO NOT CHANGE COLUMN TITLES IN THE ATTACHED FILES! Import uses column titles to match customer information.

Note: make sure your role has Import rights under omniCustomers \ Customers \ Manage Customers \ Import. You can check your role under omniCustomers \ Roles in App Permissions section.

See attachment for a sample Customer Import file. Download the Excel file or the text file, which is tab delimited and open it in your favorite editing program that can edit tab delimited files or excel editor.

Note: you can add customer address information in the import file to associate the address with your customer. You can also separately import customer addresses.

Make sure you column names matches the columns in the sample files provided, otherwise your fields will not matched.

If you have any custom fields, you can use custom fields key as a column name. For example, use job-title to import customer job title.

Once your file is imported, Omnibasis returns you a file with a first column that has results of the import. If import for a specific customer failed, it will tell the reason why.

Please note, the customer address country is two letter ISO code.

Importing Customers with Multiple Addresses

If your customer has multiple addresses, you can import all of them. Use column NextAddress and set it to TRUE to tell import to import a next address. See attachments for example.