The Customers section will list all your past and current customers. Customers contains all the essential information about your customer, such as basic contact details, billing information, payment information and so on. Most of the information are optional and you may choose to store the necessary information at your discretion and as per your needs. 

Customers can be created in 4 ways:

  • When a new user is registered
  • When a new order is created
  • Through the application interface
  • Using the API

Automatically when user registered on your site hosted by Omnibasis

When your users register on you site then the customer will be automatically created with the details collected. When user changes profile informations, like Given Name or Surname, those changes are reflected on associated customer profile. 

You can disable automatic customer creation on omniPayments Settings. Navigate to 'omniCustomers \ Settings' and select Customers section.

When a New Order is Created

When a new order is created either through the hosted page, Omnibasis application or through the API, Omnibasis automatically creates a new customer.

Manually via application interface

To create a customer manually, navigate to 'omniPayments \ Customers' and click 'Create new customer'.

  1. Pick an existing User if you new Customer be associated with User profile on your site.
  2. If you do not select the User, when Customer record is created, it will be associated with the existing user.
  3. Fill in the information you know about the Customer. If you want to send Invoices via email address, please complete Email Address.
  4. You can associate Customer with an image. Just select 'Choose File' to upload customer image.
  5. Click 'Create' to create new Customer.
  6. Once new customer is created, you can add new customer address by selecting 'Addresses' section.

Using API

You can use the CreateOrEdit under a Customers API to create a new customer.