Once you create a Product, you can manage product Images, Videos, Audio files, and Documents.

Navigate to the product you want to manage from omniCommerce \ Manage Catalog \ Products, select Manage next the product from the options drop down menu.

Select Media Files section.

  • To select an existing image from your Library, click Select.
  • To upload a  new media file for this product, click Upload.
  • Use Order column to change the order of the media files. When you change order number and leave the edit field, the order is updated.
  • Use Variant option to assign an image to a specific variant. It is useful to help customer to see a variant choice and image together when shopping.

Upload Media File

You can upload Image, Video, Audio, or Document file and associate it with a product. 

  • Click Upload and select a type of file you want to upload.
  • You can use in place cropping to select a portion of the image. Click Save to upload the image.
  • To upload original image without cropping click Save Original.

Note: we recommend you always provide a name for the image to help SEO (search engine optimization) to discover your products and services.

Mapping Media File to Variant

You can associate a specific media file to a variant. When variant is selected by a customer on details page, that media file will be selected as well. 

To map the media files, navigate to Media Files list and select Variant associated with a media file.