Navigate to edit Promotion Rule and select type Spending from 'Rule type' drow down. 

With Spending promotion rule, configure what you plan to discount in currency or points. If currency amount is specified, you need to select the Currency.

You can configure one or more promotion rules with different currencies, allow your customers to choose which currency they want to pay in.

Select 'Condition' section to edit rule conditions.


Discount Type

You can set up two types of discounts in Spending Promotion Rule:

  • Fixed Amount Discount
  • Percentage Discount


Fixed Amount

This discount type will deduct the specified amount from the total amount of the order. 


This discount type will deduct the specified percentage amount from the total amount of the order. 

You can also set other conditions, like exclude shipping in promotion and require min transaction value.

Pricing Options

Currency Amount

The currency amount of the rule in given Currency. 


Choose the currency that the rule will be billed in. If you do not see the desired currency listed, you may need to add the new currency.

Note: You can only have one currency defined for each promotion rule. If you wish to support multiple currencies for a product, you must create separate promotion rule for each currency.

Point Amount

The amount in points for the rule. You may choose not use currency, but point system. For example, Omnibasis is using points for our billing.