An Order consists of all information required for order tracking within omniPayments, such as what products are ordered,  pricing rules applied, quantity ordered and shipped, quantity in transit, and so on. 

Whether you are selling product for purchase, or have a subscription business, Orders is your single place to create customer order, send an invoice, and collect a payment.

Based on a product selected and pricing rule applied the order can be one of the following types:

  1. Purchase - for one time product purchase.
  2. Subscription - for recurring subscriptions.
  3. Usage-based or Metered - pay later on recurring basis.
  4. Usage-based or Metered - pay upfront till balance is 0.
  5. Digital Download
  6. Gift Card
  7. Payment authorization

To see all of your orders, navigate to omniPayments \ Manage Orders \ Orders. You can use filters to filter orders in a number of ways.