To create a new order navigate to 'omniPayments \ Manage Orders \ Orders' and click 'Create new order'.

First select an existing customer. If Customer does not exist, click 'Pick' and select 'Create new customer' to create a new customer on the fly.

  • Your order id is generated for you. You can always override it.
  • Order date is defaulted to the current date. Feel free to change it.

Note: at any time you can switch to Invoice section to preview the up to date invoice. At the top of the order, you will see order summary as you progress adding products, applying pricing rules and promotion rules.

Select Customer

Click 'Pick' to select an existing customer or create a new one. 

Billing and Shipping Address

Select an existing Billing or Shipping address. Address is optional. Select 'Create new address' to add a new address on the fly.

Order Products

Navigate to Order Products to select products, pricing rules, promotion rules, apply credits and debits.

  1. Click 'Select Product' to add a new product to the order.
  2. For every product order line item, you can apply specific Pricing Rule. Click 'Add Pricing' and select desired product Pricing Rule. Learn more about Pricing Rules.
  3. For every product order line item, you can add one or more promotions associated with that product. Click 'Add Promotion' and selected desired product Promotion Rule. Learn more about Promotion Rules.
  4. To add catalog wide promotion, click 'Select Promotion' and select desired promotion which is not associated with any specific product. It will be applied to the entire order.
  5. Edit any of the fields available on an order line item like, Quantity, Amount, Points, Percentage and click Update. The order totals will be recalculated and updated.
  6. If Order has a billing cycle associated with it, you can override default Billing Cycles by entering a new value.

Order Details

Navigate to Order Details section to put any order details in any format. You can use this section to store order related information in json or xml format.