To create a new message, navigate to omniMarketer \ Messages and click Create from action menu at the top right corner.

  1. Put in the Subject line for your message that will appear in your email.
  2. Enter optional Title and Subtitle.
  3. You can configure you email message layout and what headers would appear with selecting a different Layout.
  4. Select Use HTML as email content to replace any headers, footers, etc and use HTML Email Message as is in email message.
  5. Compose the Message you would like send via email-message.
  6. If you want to send text message, compose your SMS message. Limited to 256 characters.
  7. Use Labels to help you group your messages.
  8. Select Create notification to create user notification with message content in user account.

Message Statistics

Navigate to Statistics section to configure various message tracking options.

You have a number of different options:

  1. Track email campaign totals, like a total number of emails sent, opened and unsubscribed. 
  2. Track every link click in the message.
  3. Create a user note with email message and track action taken by a user. 
  4.  Include the link to view message on your site. 
  5. Include the link to manage subscription to messages on your site. 

Connect to Data Privacy and Permissions

Navigate to the omniTrust section to configure the required Consents and/or Permission for the message distribution.

Connect to Customer Loyalty

Navigate to the omniLoyalty section to configure the loyalty information you want to associate with this message. For example, you can include a reward information or earning rule, that will be inserted into the email.

You can limit distribution of this message only to users who signup for specific loyalty program or at the specific loyalty level.

Mobile Wallet Pass Integration

Mobilize your customer engagement and deliver digital content with Mobile Wallet.

You can bring alive your marketing campaign on your customer Mobile phone with personalized messages that updated just in time, based on their location, time of day and more.

  1. Select Mobile Wallet Pass Design
  2. Map Mobile Wallet fields with message content.

Blockchain Integration

Navigate to Blockchain section to use Blockchain to track that message was opened. When customers opens a message or link is clicked, omniMarketer creates a blockchain record to record a fact with details about when it was opened and from where.