You can see and manage all your uploads in one place. 

Note: if you uploading a document file, the only valid formats right now are PDF files and JSON files. Uploading script or html files is not allowed as it might be compromising the security of your application on Omnibasis!

Navigate to omniSite \ Files to see a list of all files you have uploaded.

  • To upload a new file click on Upload button and choose the file type you want to upload: Image, Video, Audio, File or file via Url.
  • To delete an existing file, select options drop-down next to the date and click Delete.
  • To get a link to the file, click on the file picture with right-button and select Open link in a new window. You can also get a link from options drop down, select View.
  • To download the file, click on the file name link.
  • To replace an existing file, click options dropdown and select Replace.
  • To change title and description, select Edit from dropdown options.