omniPayments offers a suite of hosted page features that allow you to get up and running quickly with no development work. 

Hosted Payment Pages can be used for users to purchase your products and services, and manage their accounts, orders, payments and customer information.

Hosted Payment Pages

You can build a custom Hosted Payment Page with any choice and combination of products and services.  You can direct customers to the page from your website or omniSite page hosted by us and either use our confirmation page or bypass the confirmation and direct the customer to your any success page.

  • Start receiving payment quickly before your full integration is ready
  • Supports 3D Secure payments
  • Supports payment by credit card, bank account, PayPal, and Amazon and can be configured via Payment Gateways.

Hosted Account Management

omniPayments offer an account management portal for your customers. Existing customers can view their current purchases and subscriptions, invoice history, credits on account, edit billing information, You can choose to provide a full login experience. Benefits include:

  • Provide billing management without having to build your own user interface
  • Securely collect and have customers edit their billing information
  • Supports online payments for invoices issued with manual collection

Complete Web-Site Management 

You can use omniSite features to build your own site and all the pages. You can customized user interface, navigation, and even point your own domain to omniSite hosted pages.

Learn more about omniSite.