You can purchase more points at any time or setup auto refill. 

With auto refill, when your balance of points is 0 or less, the system we will try to purchase more points with a default payment method on file.

Navigate to My Account \ Omnibasis Billing \ Get Points to get more points.

  1. Select Get Points to purchase points one time. 
  2. Select Set recurring purchase if you want to setup automatic refill.

 Accept Confirmation

You will prompted with your choice. Click Yes.

Select Payment Method

You will be asked to select an existing payment method on file or add a new one.

Confirm your choice

You will have an option to enable to auto refill here with a selected payment method and the amount.

  1. Click on the link Read terms and conditions to review all the details of the purchase. You can also review it here: 
  2. Once you click Confirm your payment method will be charged and invoice is generated. Any unused points from previous invoice will be credited on a new invoice.