Roles are used to group permissions. When a user has a role, then the user will have all permissions of that role.

To manage roles navigate to 'omniCustomers \ Roles'.

Roles can be dynamic or static:

  • Static role: A static role has a known name (like 'admin') and this name can't be changed. (But the display name can be changed). It's created by the Omnibasis and can not be deleted on the UI. 
  • Dynamic role: You can create a dynamic role at any time. Add new permissions to that role and assign the role to users. 

One or more roles can be set as Default. Default roles are assigned to newly added/registered users by default.

Role Permissions

Since roles are used to group permissions, we can set permissions of a role while editing the role.

Click dropdown next to the role and select 'Edit'

Navigate to 'App Permissions' section to see all  app permissions. One that assigned to this role will have checkbox next to it.

Select permissions you want to assign to the role and click 'Save'.

Note: you will need to reload the application to see permissions changes for your own role.