About Variants

You add variants to a product that comes in more than one option, such as size or color. Each combination of options for a product is a variant for that product. 

For example, suppose that you sell T-shirts with two options: size and color. The size option has three values: small, medium, and large. The color option has two values: blue and green. One specific variant from these options is a small, blue T-shirt.

Navigate to Variants section to manage product variants. For example, you can configure different colors, sizes, materials. You can see a list of variants for a product in product Variants section.

Add Variant

To add a new variant, click Add Variant button.

  1. Enter the Name of the variant.
  2. Enter the list of Choices that variant has. After each choice, press enter to add next.
  3. Click Save once done.

When you add variants to a product, it changes the way that you set their product details. Each variant can have its own Media Files, Pricing Rules, Promotions Rules, Inventory and Shipping settings.