1. Create/configure your store and payment gateway

Configure your store details and checkout process. With omniCommerce solution you can configure a payment gateway in minutes.

2. Configure your products

Using our intuitive tool define the products you sell. We are supporting multiple variants, physical and digital goods or recurring subscriptions.

3. Setup omniLedger accounts

Configure your business ledger accounts to track sales, receivables, expenses and payments.

4. Configure integrations

Integrate your online storefront and ecommerce with other Omnibasis products. For example, you might want to connect omniCommerce to omniCustomer, to make sure you track your customers journey in your store.

5. Test! Test! Test!

Run a good sample of transactions through your application for testing purposes. For example, add a few products to a shopping cart and complete a checkout.

Start building your online ecommerce store with omniCommerce today.