You can import loyalty cards from excel or text file. 

Navigate to 'omniLoyalty \ Loyalty Activity \ Loyalty Cards' and click 'Import from file'.

You will be asked to choose the file.  Attached please find provided templates in text and Excel files.

You can import the loyalty card and associated with an existing user or create a new user by adding user fields in import file.

Note: if user information already exist, like email address, username or phone number, a new loyalty card will we associated with that user.

Important Fields to Consider

When you upload user file, you can communicate to use a new login information via email or SMS.

  • Set EmailConfirm to true, to confirm that user email is valid
  • Set SendActivationEmail to true to send activation email
  • Set SendActivationSMS to true to send activation SMS
  • If you do not know LoyaltyProgramId then leave it blank. A currently selected loyalty program will be used

Note: if noticed to many bounced emails for your imports, it will lead to a notice that your email sending privileges might be suspended.

If you have any custom fields, you can use custom fields key as a column name. For example, use job-title to import loyalty card job title.