Navigate to 'omniMarketer \ Campaigns' for an overview of each campaign, its sending status and performance trends.

You can use 'Status' to filter campaigns based on their status.

  • Draft - campaign is in edit mode.
  • Scheduled - campaign is schedule and is waiting for a first time trigger to start running.
  • Paused - campaign is paused and no messages are being sent. You can edit your campaign and resume sending.
  • Canceled - campaign is canceled before it run.
  • Stopped - campaign is stopped and will not run again.
  • Running - campaign is running and send messages. If you want to edit your campaign, you need to pause it first.
  • Running Series - campaign is sending a series of messages based your triggers.

Campaign Statistics

For each campaign, if campaign has any data collected and was run, it will have performance statistics like total contacts from segmentation, messages in queue, total messages sent, open rate, and more.

To see a full campaign statistics report, select 'Campaign Report' from options dropdown. Learn more about Campaign Reports.