omniMarketer empowers you with a numerous types of automation.

For example, you can create an automated message that it tigger by a user birthday. 

You in full control of defining automation goals and what triggers automation.

Navigate to campaign list 'omniMarketer \ Campaigns' and click 'Create New Campaign'. 

You want to choose automation trigger when you create your campaign. Select 'Automation' dropdown that fits your goals.

  • Campaign - use campaign automation to run a one time marketing campaign.
  • Date Based - target your contacts  based on a specific date field in your audience, like a birthday or an registration date.
  • Ecommerce - use e-commerce to target contacts who use your omniCommerce store or part of omniPayments payment and invoice processing.
  • Loyalty - use loyalty to communicate with contacts who part of your omniLoyalty program.
  • Tag - use to trigger a message that sends after you add a specific tag to a contact.
  • Audience - use audience to target contacts who signed and opt in into specific audiences.
  • Workflow - use workflow to target contacts who are part of the a specific workflow in your application. For example, when new user register, new form or asset is submitted.