Access Omnibasis API from javascript or typescript application like Angular. 

You can view all Omnibasis API here.

Visit  to download.

You can generate library with all AJAX requests to call server API. It's automatically generated by nswag tool using swagger.

  • Download nswag directory intor your project
  • Add nswag librariry to your node-modules list as described in nswag
  • Run nswag/refreshall.bat file to general all interfaces
  • Run nswag/refresh.bat 'interface-name' file to general all interfaces

Generated code is located in shared/service-proxies/interface-name/service-proxies.ts file. You should not make manual change in this file since it will be overwritten on the next code generation. You can change where nswag puts a generated code by updating service.config.nswag

Refreshing Service Proxies

While Nswag automatically generate proxy files, it does not refresh service-proxies.module.ts. If you want to use new APIs which has been added since you generated the files, you should run nswag/refreshall.bat to update service proxies.