You can run your own Blockchain network and connect Omnibasis platform to store blockchain transactions.

There are four steps to get it configured:

  1. Create your own nodes and get them running. Most blockchain networks expect at least 4 live nodes to reach a quorum. For testing purposes one node will do.  If you are using BigchainDB, read this tutorial on how to get up and running.
  2. Create network definition on Omnibasis.
  3. Add Blockchain node connections to the network.
  4. Configure your network as a default.

Create Network Definition on Omnibasis

Navigate to omniChain \ Blockchain Setup \ Blockchain Networks.

Click Create to create a new network or use options dropdown next to an existing network to view options.

  1. Choose a network Type.
  2. Give it a descriptive Name 
  3. Click Save.

Add Blockchain Node Connections

Navigate to omniChain \ Blockchain Setup \ Blockchain Networks.

  1. Click options dropdown next to the network name and select Connections.
  2. Click Create on the list of connections.

Configure New Connection

  1. Enter a descriptive Name for your connection.
  2. Set the status. Note if you set the status to Active the network will be tested for connectivity when you click Save.
  3. Set the order in which that network will appear on the list of available networks.
  4. Set the node full path.
  5. Click Save.

Configure Your Network As a Default

Next time you are creating an asset definition, loyalty program, consent and preference management, ledger account or any other feature that has an option to connect to the Blockchain, navigate to Blockchain section and choose your network as default.

Here is example on how to run Dolphin Collectives Real Estate registry on the newly created network.

  1. Navigate to omniChian \ Blockchain Setup \ Asset Definition.
  2. From the list of assets definitions next to Dolphin Collectives Real Estate  we choose options dropdown and select Edit.
  3. Navigate to Blockchain section.
  4. In Blockchain network field select Pick and choose your blockchain network you configured.
  5. Click Save.