Users can log in your application running on Omnibasis and transfer digital currency or cryptocurrency between wallets. One user can send digital currency or cryptocurrency to another, or pay to you for products and services.

To transfer Digital Currency or Cryptocurrency to another user, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Login into your user account.
  2. Navigate to your wallet on Omnibasis.
  3. Specify the details of the transfer. 
  4. Confirm transaction.

Login Into Account

Login into your user account on application running on Omnibasis.

Navigate To Wallet Transactions

Navigate to My Wallet \ My Transactions and click Transfer from action menu at the top right corner.

Create New Transfer

Create a new digital currency or cryptocurrency transfer and submit it.

  1. Select account to Transfer from.
  2. Navigate to Details section to enter optional details.
  3. Enter Amount of the transfer.
  4. Select a user to Transfer to,
  5. Provide optional Description for transfer.
  6. Navigate to Details section and enter optional details. 
  7. Enter optional Description for a transfer.
  8. Click Save to initiate a transfer. 

Transaction Confirmation

Once transfer is completed, users involved in this transfer will receive emails with details of the transaction.