We support a number of shipping providers via integration with Easypost.com or direct integration with shipping carriers.

Shipping carriers are the services that deliver your customers' orders. Most shipping carriers let you drop off packages to them, and others let you schedule pickups from your own location. Most carriers can also pick up from any warehouse or fulfillment service that you use.

Shipping carriers charge you a fee for delivering any shipment. How you account for this fee in what you charge your customer depends on your product pricing and marketing strategies, but it is a large part of the costs of running a business.

Omnibasis integrated most carriers in the via Easypost integration and has direct integrations with many of the major carriers.

Shipping Providers List

Navigate to 'omniCommerce \ Shipping \ Shipping Providers' to access the list of your shipping providers.

Create or Edit Shipping Provider

Navigate to 'omniCommerce \ Shipping \ Shipping Providers' and click Create to create a new shipping provider.

For Easypost.com integration keys navigate to easypost website and select API keys under your username.

  1. Select Type for shipping provider. Use Manual type if you plan to provide flat rates to your customers. 
  2. Select a friendly Name to name your shipping provider.
  3. Based on the type, you might need to enter additional information, like integration API keys.