Before you can connect your Walmart account, make sure your are approved as a seller on Walmart. 

You should be able to login into and have a Secret Key in your Seller Center account. If haven't completed all of the steps in Walmart's application and approval process you will not be able to connect to Walmart.

Obtain application keys. Navigate to

  1. Click Login.
  2. Select the United States flag as the “Marketplace Seller Login.”
  3. Enter your credentials.
  4. Click API Keys Management on the left navigation and select "Production" tab for production keys or "Sandbox" tab for test keys.

Add Commerce Provider

Navigate to 'omniCommerce \ Commerce Channels \ Commerce Providers' to manage and configure e-commerce channels.

  1. Click Create to create a new e-commerce provider.
  2. Select from type options.
  3. Enter client id and client secret you obtained above.
  4. Click Save.