Navigate to  'omniCommerce \ Manage Orders \ Orders' and click Manage next to the order you want to manage.

  1. Select Transactions section to see a list of order transactions.
  2. Next to the payment transaction, select dropdown option and click Refund.

Create Refund

  1. Select  Send Status Update if you want to generate email to the customer with refund update.
  2. Override the amount of the refund.
  3. You can specify fee that you will charge the customer, the amount will be taken as a percentage or flat amount from the refund.
  4. Specify transaction date, default is a current date.
  5. Enter optional description for a refund transaction.
  6. Enter option notes, to add notes on an invoice.
  7. Use labels to group refunds.
  8. Enter any specific details about this transaction.
  9. Click Refund.

Omnibasis will attempt to refund the original payment that was used to pay for an invoice. If payment is invalid or refund fails, you can always send a manual check to the customer and record an adjustment to the customer account.