Easypost lets you quickly integrate powerful solutions that give you more flexibility and control over your parcel shipping and logistics processes.

Step 1: Create your EasyPost account

This is optional. If you already have an EasyPost account, skip to Step 2!

First, make sure EasyPost supports the carrier you want to use to generate return labels. Also make sure the pricing works well for your business.

Click here to create your EasyPost account. Don't be scared by EasyPost's onboarding - Omnibasis already took care of all the integration!

Step 2: Add your carrier account

In your EasyPost dashboard, under your email address, click on "Carrier Accounts". Search in the side bar on the right of your screen to add your carrier account(s).

Note: EasyPost comes installed with a USPS account.

If you are connecting EasyPost to FedEx, please reach out to EasyPost at support@easypost.com so they can get your FedEx account approved for labels!

Step 3: Add your billing information

Click on "Billing", also in your email dropdown.

Add your credit card information:

Connect EasyPost to Omnibasis

Navigate to 'omniCommerce \ Shipping \ Shipping Providers' and click Create to create a new shipping provider.

For Easypost.com integration keys navigate to easypost website and select API keys under your username.

  1. Select Type for shipping provider. Use Manual type if you plan to provide flat rates to your customers. 
  2. Select a friendly Name to name your shipping provider.
  3. Based on the type, you might need to enter additional information, like integration API keys.