Use Wallet Pass Design to design a template for a pass. Pass Design contain most of the information of your Mobile Wallet passes. The Wallet Pass Design is used to create an individual unique passes.

Wallet Pass Designer one important way to group different kind of Mobile Wallet Passes like different Coupons, Membership cards etc.

Usually the Wallet Pass Definition defines the whole appearance of the pass, this includes the pass style, pass colors, images, different text fields, bar-code settings, locations and much more. Further the template holds the configuration of additional omniPass features like the verification and redemption system, custom branding settings or the payment integration.

Wallet Pass Definition allow you to easily manage thousands of individual passes without having to update them one by one. All changes to the Wallet Pass Definition are applied to all generated individual passes of that Wallet Pass Definition. Further our auto-push notification system will ensure that all passes get a notification if the pass needs to be updated.

Navigate to omniPass \ Wallet Pass Designer and click Create in top right corner from action menu.

  1. Select Type of the pass. The type changes the layout of the pass fields. Please note, once the pass is created, you cannot change a pass type. You can always make a copy of the wallet pass definition.
    • Coupon or Offer
    • Store Card or Loyalty Card
    • Event Ticket
    • Boarding Pass
    • Transit Pass
    • General or Gift Card
  2. Name, Business name and Description are required by Apple and Google. 
  3. Select a primary Country where pass is distributed.
  4. Select a primary Language for a pass.
  5. Select a Currency used on the pass if any. Some pass types that have currency balances require this selection.
  6. Set rules to enforce for Wallet Pass Distribution.
  7. If the pass to be issued for a limited amount of days, enter the Days Valid. New passes will be issued with a date expiration automatically.
  8. To limit a quantity of passes available, enter the Quantity here. Leave it empty for unlimited quantity.
  9. You can setup automatic generation of barcodes and other values, choose a length generated with Length of values generated automatically.
  10. Generate automatically only with numbers - only use number when auto generating fields.
  11. Require user to Consent to your terms, here is where you connect omniPass creation with omniTrust consent management solution. Learn more about integration with omniTrust.
  12. Use Labels to categorize the definition. Labels help you to group and search. You can have more then one label. Type the new label and press enter.