We all want personal service and attention, but maintaining social distance forces us into a more impersonal approach. This makes lead generation, client communication, and customer outreach and engagement tough, but not impossible. 

Thanks to a technology like mobile phone in almost every hand in the world, the power of mobile engagement is in your hands. We will review how you can reach your mobile potential and use the power of Apple Wallet and Google Pay passes with dynamic updates and lock screen notifications for coupons, offers, loyalty cards, gift cards, tickets, digital wallets and more.


Enable users to save your loyalty card, offers, or gift cards on their Mobile Phones for immediate access to rewards and purchase history, plus send push notifications and reminders to maximize engagement.


Allow customers to save boarding passes on any device. You can also update flight status and set up automated notifications and reminders to make sure passengers never miss important information about their flight.


Let passengers save tickets and transit cards to their mobile device then use the credit or debit cards saved to their account to easily pay fares, manage stored balance, or enable both manual and automated top-ups.


Enable users to add your event tickets to their phones, then enter the venue with barcodes, QR codes, or NFC. Plus, engage with them through real-time notifications, updates, and messaging delivered directly to their mobile phones.