Mobile Wallet Landscape

Your mobile wallet is an app that comes pre-installed on most mobile devices. On iPhone it’s called Apple Wallet, on Android it’s called Google Pay Apple Wallet and Google Pay are becoming the trusted, preferred central hub for mobile payments, loyalty, coupons, ticketing and more. Both Apple and Google refer to the same core functionality; a place to store and use a digital version of something you used to have to deal with in paper or plastic.

QR Code Distribution

A simple, low friction way to get your brand into your customers’ smartphone.

Your business does not need an app. With Omnibasis omniPass your customer can:

  • Scan a QR code (near or in-store)
  • Click a link on a website
  • Click a link on social media pages
  • Click a link in an online ad
  • Receive an email or text message

Email and Text Message Distribution

The easiest way to get your brand inside your customers’ smartphone. 

You can distribute your coupons and loyalty cars via email:

  • Scan a QR code (near or in-store)
  • Click a link on a website
  • Click a link on social media pages
  • Click a link in an online ad
  • Receive an email or text message

Distribution Via App 

Seamless integration between the an application and Mobile Wallet application. 

From within an iOS app the pass will load into Apple Wallet automatically. From within an Android app the pass will load automatically into Google Pay. If customer is not already logged into their Google account then they will be asked to log in, prior to card loading to Google Pay. If Google Pay is not installed then customer will be directed to Google Play, assuming they have an address in a Google Pay.

NFC Pay Distribution

Acquire new members at Point of Sale with minimal friction.

When supported by a mobile device, Omnibasis can automatically push an enrollment request for Apple Pay and Google Pay users that do not yet have the Wallet Pass installed. 

Delivered Instantly

No more waiting for tickets, coupons, or loyalty cards to arrive in the post.

The pass is instantly generated and appears immediately in the customer’s phone. With a single click the pass can be

saved to the customer’s mobile wallet application. The pass can be located on your branded page! The pass is is personalized and to collect customer data, to feed your customer relationship connection or CRM.

Automatic Device Detection

Customers can save their wallet pass card whatever smartphone device they own. 

Omnibasis automatically generates and displays the correct pass format depending on the smartphone the customer is using. If an Android user does not have Google Pay installed already they will be prompted to install the app first and then card will be loaded in Google Pay. If the Android user already has Google Pay installed then they can save to Google Pay with one tap.

Omnibasis also detects allows a customers to click on a link from a desktop computer and will present the customer with a

number of options to get the Pass into their smartphone mobile wallet.

Location Based Reminders 

You can make messages appear on the lock screen when in proximity to points of interest. Once a pass is installed the customer can receive a lock screen notification when in proximity to the relevant location. 

Always up to date 

Following a transaction, the pass dynamically updates. Any field and/or image can be updated. 

Upon a transaction, or any action (e.g. referrals, sharing, feedback), the pass is instantly and automatically updated. Any field or image can be updated. For example, a points balance can be updated, a coupon can be redeemed, or even an image can be updated to promote other relevant products & services. If the customer is not connected to the internet at the point of transaction, the pass will be updated as soon as the customer connects to the internet. A lock screen message can be delivered to confirm / advise of the the update or the pass can be ‘silently updated’ so the customer does not receive a lock screen message. Customer uses their pass Lock-screen notification delivered instantly Card is updated.

Personalized Experiences

Deliver personalized messages and pass content based on customer segments, demographic, preferences, and behaviors. 

Deliver personalized messages and pass content based on customer segments, demographic, preferences, and behaviors. Omnibasis can deliver lock screen messages and updated pass content (e.g. images, links to offers) to all pass holders. This means a customer can have a completely unique pass, and experience, depending on their preferences and behaviors.


Passes display in the language of your customers’ device. 

Passes display in the language of your customers’ device. If the language file is available, the phone will present the pass in the end users chosen language. Images and logos can also be customized based on language.

Connected Content

The back of the pass provides unlimited space for other useful information and links to relevant links and applications. 

Deliver promotions & provide links to other web link (e.g. app, social media, website). Provide easy access to online store, products, & catalog. Quick tap to access information (e.g. maps, chat-bots & telephone numbers). Use social share & referral links to grow business.