The omniPass generates an individual, unique pass based on an chosen Wallet Pass Definition for every user that requests it. 

This has a major benefit that you don't have to pre-generate a fixed amount of passes as this was required when printing traditional passes. Passes can be generated by accessing a special Wallet Pass Definition distribution link or via the API. Every pass has an unique serial number so that you are able to keep track of every single pass, if you choose so. It is important to notice that even if the generated passes look the same, they are not really equal, they just have the same appearance, but different serial numbers (by default serial numbers are not directly visible on the pass).

With the use of the wallet pass fields every pass can be customized / personalized. This allows for much better user experience than with traditional paper passes where customization were expensive. Further passes can be updated after they were generated, something that is not possible with paper passes.

Wallet Pass Fields

The wallet pass fields are a powerful tool to customize and personalize individual passes for every user. 

Wallet pass fields can be used to show the user's name on the pass, show a custom message to the user or even allow to configure custom Geo-location points for stores that are nearest to the user. You can think of the wallet pass fields as a database or spreadsheet. Every digital pass field defines a field that needs to be filled in when creating an new row (pass). You can create as many digital pass fields as you like for every template. 

Every time a pass needs to be generated from the wallet pass definition, Omnibasis ensure that all necessary required digital pass fields have values. A corresponding form will e.g. be presented to the user before he can generate his pass. It is also possible to provide the values for placeholders directly via API when creating a new pass.

After a pass is generated, every time you change the value of a wallet pass fields of that individual pass , the Omnibasis will ensure that the pass is properly updated and the auto-push system ensure that the pass gets a notification