omniPass offers you a numerous ways to distribute your mobile wallet passes:

  • Use a default link
  • Put a pass for a display on any page on your site
  • Put a pass for a creation on any page on your site
  • Allow user to create a pass from their account in your application powered by Omnibasis.

Open Mobile Wallet Designer and navigate to Pages to setup your pass distribution.

Note: If you select no pages. omniPass will use default links.

  1. Display on Page - select a page to use to display pass.
  2. Submit on Page - select a page to use to create and edit pass. Note visitor must have permissions to create or update passes. See Permissions for more information.

Create or Edit Page Example

Your visitor fills in required fields and clicks Create.

View Mobile Wallet Pass Example

Based on your workflow, user can view digital pass right away or will be emailed a link.

Share Mobile Wallet Pass Example

If you setup user sharing via email, clicking Share via email allows your users to share pass with friends and family.