Mobilize your customer engagement and deliver digital content with Mobile Wallet.

You can bring alive your marketing campaign on your customer Mobile phone with personalized messages that updated just in time, based on their location, time of day and more.

  • Create deeper connections with customers on Mobile
  • Communicate just in Right Place, Right Time with Right Message
  • Personalize every customer engagement

Sample Mobile Pass Definition

Sample screens to create Dolphin News pass that user can install to receive newsletter on the mobile device.

Integration with Communication Messages

  1. To get started navigate to manage your message 'omniMarketer \ Messages'.
  2. Select Edit next to the message you want to configure.
  3. Select omniPass section.
  4. Select Digital Pass Definition you want to use for your mobile wallet.
  5. Map the message fields to digital pass fields. When message is updated, for example message content is changed, omniPass will automatically will update a mobile wallet and will notify your customer.