You can power up your Ecommerce application and make easy and powerful with Mobile Wallet.

Enable users to save their order, loyalty card, offers, or gift cards on their Mobile Phones for immediate access to rewards and purchase history, plus send push notifications and reminders to maximize engagement.

  • Offer attractive coupons and update the content anytime
  • Create and distribute gift cards
  • Distribute mobile order updates and notification

Gift Card Wallet Pass Example

Below are sample definitions for a mobile wallet pass to used with a gift distribution. Learn more above selling gift cards.

Connect Gift Card purchase with Mobile Wallet Pass

  1. Navigate to manage Gift Card product in the catalog.
  2. Click Manage next to the Gift Card product.
  3. Select Pricing section.
  4. Click Edit next to the price of the gift card you want to connect to Mobile Wallet Pass.
  5. Navigate to omniPass section.
  6. Choose Wallet Pass Definition you want to connect.
  7. Configure the fields on the Giftcard to match wallet pass.
  8. Click Update.