User account access feature  allows users to give access to their accounts to other users for a limited period of time.

To give access to a user or to log in into other user account, with previously given access, navigate from a menu to 'My Account \ Account Settings \ User account access'. 

User Account Access

  1. Do delete account access click Trash icon.
  2. Start and End dates would indicate when account access is granted.

In example below, user is given access to admin to login for a period of time.

New User Access

  1. Click New User Access from an action menu.
  2. Find a user to give an access to.
  3. Specified Start and End dates and time.
  4. Click Save.

Log In

  1. Navigate to Log In section to see a list of login accounts you currently granted.
  2. Click Log In to login into the user account.

In an example below, ausie have granted admin rights to login into ausie account in certain time of the day.