Omnibasis provides a flexible way to build your store navigation. In addition to flexible templates, you can activate build in navigation by shopping category with pictures.

it is a two step process, first we map category to page, second we tell the page to load subcategories.

Map category to page

Navigate to omniCommerce \ Manage Catalog \ Categories \ Pages.

  1. Select Category to configure.
  2. Select Page you want to map to.

Setup Page

  1. Navigate to omniSite \ Navigation and select page you mapped in previous step. You can also simply click on the page link in the previous page.
  2. Click Edit Page  and turn on Load preview of children pages with images
  3. Click Save to save changes.
  4. Make sure sub navigation pages have images uploaded.

Preview Navigation

Click on the icon on the top left corner to navigate to the site the link under url.

Note: images needs to be uploaded for each page for navigation to appear here.